The day making dinner was put on hold!
When Little Moo found a strange wriggley thing hiding amongst her conker collection, we stopped to investigate, and here’s what we found…


On closer investigation, what Moo thought was a tiny worm, turned out to be a millipede!
‘He’s got legs!’ she declared. ‘He’s definitely walking!’
We quickly set up an investigation area in the playroom, and Moo spent time looking at and making pictures of the newly named, ‘Millie’.
She tried to count his legs, ‘one, two, three, four, five, six……’ and concluded he had eleven! 😉


After watching Millie’s movements for a while, he was taken to live in the comfort of our bug garden, under a rock with the slugs and spiders 🙂
A simple impromptu activity which offered so much learning for Moo.
So, next time a mini creature turns up uninvited, rather than swiftly shooing it away, grab a magnifying glass and mark making tools, and see where your little one’s inquisitive nature takes her/him 😉

Posted by Cheryl


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