Winter Ice Play

During our walks in the woods we have spotted a few snow drops and daffodils poping their heads up in anticipation of Spring. But Little Moo is hoping that it doesn’t come too soon, and has been waiting patiently for snow. While we wait, here’s a little fond look back on the wonderful fun we had with ice play last year!


What started out as an easy ice sculpture/decoration activity soon turned in to ice play!
Moo began by collecting twigs and leaves from the garden and arranging them in foil containers and old ice cream tub lids. Then topped them up with water and added drops of food colouring before poping in the freezer. We also made an ice ball by freezing a balloon filled with water and food colouring.

Top tip! If you’d like to make beautiful ice decorations for hanging in the trees, remember to add loops of string or wire to the ice trays before putting in the freezer! (I forgot this stage, but it proved fruitful as Little Moo came up with her own uses for the finished ice blocks!)


The finished ice blocks were beautiful! Little Moo took them outside and started to play. The circles quickly became ice cookies, which she bought from the shop and transported home again in her sleigh. And the big ice ball became a meatball! 🙂


More fun and learning was had when the ice later started to melt. Moo was quite upset when her cookies and meatball began breaking, but it gave good opportunity to show how water changes state in different temperatures. And we had fun helping the melting process along with sticks and a little bit of mushing! 😉

I’m looking forward to Spring, but here’s hoping Little Moo gets her wish for snow so we can have a little more exciting frosty fun and discovery first. 😉


Posted by Cheryl


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